ABC Swimming Lessons

ABC Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons at the Futen are, in addition to obtaining the diplomas, mainly aimed at having fun in swimming. The diplomas lay the foundation for a good and sporty way of swimming. And of course, after the swimming lessons, we offer a good opportunity to continue with (competition) swimming and water polo.

Register and train with us

Unfortunately, there is not always a place for your child right away, but we do our best to find a place as soon as possible. You can register your child directly via the registration form on this page.

Cost of swimming lessons

The costs for swimming lessons are collected quarterly by direct debit. A one-off registration fee is charged and a contribution is charged for obtaining the A, B and C diploma.  

Period Price
One-time registration fee
€ 30,-
Quarter (Q4 23, Q1 24, Q2 24)
€157,50 (quarterly)
Quater 3 (September 23 only)
Per diploma A, B and C
€ 35,-

Teaching method Zwemmaatjes

Swimming buddies also gives according to the NPZ/NRZ method. This means that you have obtained an official nationally valid diploma. The groups consist of about 8 children. This allows us to keep a good eye on the development of each child and this ensures a high swimming efficiency.

During the lessons there are four levels. At the transition to the next level, the children receive an intermediate diploma before they can obtain the A diploma:

Level Location
Bath 1-2
Bath 2-3
Bath 3-4 (To get the A diploma)

After obtaining the A diploma, you can continue with your B and C diploma.


Monitor your child's progress

The swimming development of the student is tracked in the learning tracking system SWIMMING SCORE. As a parent you will receive a login for this.

SWIMMING SCORE gives a clear picture of the pace of learning. Regular checks are made to ensure that students do not take too long to complete a level. If necessary, a meeting will be held with the parents/carers. Together we will look at and determine what is feasible for the parents/carers and for Zwemmaatjes/De Futen. The progress will be updated monthly.


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