About us

About us

De Futen is the largest swimming club in Amstelveen and is known for its excellent training facilities and conviviality. Both swimming and water polo are highly valued at De Futen and activities are organised regularly to promote togetherness.

With three men’s water polo teams and several youth teams in ages ranging from 9 to 16, youth is well represented at De Futen. Competitive swimming is also booming, with a growing number of young talents and an active group of master swimmers regularly winning medals at national competitions.

Elementary and diploma swimming within De Futen also remains important and there is an enthusiastic and qualified team of swimming instructors and staff. This allows children to graduate each year with a swimming certificate and then move on to competitive swimming or water polo.

Conviviality is of paramount importance at De Futen and this principle forms the basis for many successful activities and achievements. In short, at De Futen you have the opportunity to develop your swimming and water polo talents while participating in a close-knit and friendly community.”


Location of training and matches

The Futen train and swim/play their matches in

Zwembad “De Meerkamp”
Van der Hooplaan 239
1185 LN Amstelveen

Public Transportation: De Meerkamp is easily accessible: bus line 171 (Sportlaan stop) and 170 (Startbaan stop) stop right in front of the door, and tram line 25 (Sportlaan stop) is just a short 10-minute walk away